No matter what you might be facing today, your answer may not be what you can GET from God, but what you can GIVE to God! When you give God your best, you receive His best in return.

When Solomon was anointed king over Israel, his first official act was to worship God. He gave an unprecedented offering to God and, in turn, God asked him what he wanted. His extraordinary worship prompted an extraordinary response from Heaven.

The more we give God – in our time, talents, resources, or worship – the more God is obligated by his royalty to return to you. You’ve probably heard that you can’t out-give God. That’s because He’s a sovereign King who demonstrates His supremacy by giving gifts. God’s response is always manifold; it’s always multiplying. And when we purpose to worship God with our whole hearts, we can know He will respond in a greater way than we could ever imagine.

David was a worshiper who determined to never give anything that didn’t cost him something.  I want to encourage you today that if you feel like God is asking you for something, it’s only because He has something better He’s trying to get to you.

Worship has the capacity to unlock the heavens. When you begin to understand the dynamic power available in your praise, it will forever change the way you approach your Heavenly Father.

If you are looking to go deeper in your relationship with God, I hope you’ll take advantage of my latest message series. I’ll show you how to remove the chains and bondage of religion and rediscover an intimacy and connection with your Heavenly Father. You don’t have to try harder to break that habit, to overcome that addiction, or do more to be loved by God.  When you embrace His grace, you’ll discover your freedom and be transformed by God’s love for you!

God bless you!

Living in Grace and Peace,
Bishop Derek Grier

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