Keep Your Praise Out Front

Keeping My Praise Out Front Part 2

Keep Your Praise Out Front

In the second half of the story of Jehoshaphat, in 2 Chronicles 20, we find the Israelites going into battle without anything but their praise. God moves, and they win a staggering victory over their enemy. We see that God has several things to teach us from this story, both about our heart’s posture and our response to hardship: 

1. We must continually humble ourselves before God. Jehoshaphat responded to God’s command by humbling himself and being obedient. Until we surrender our wills, requests, and plans to God, we’ll never see His victory in our lives. 

2. We must learn to see victory before we experience it. Faith is believing without seeing. For the Israelites to obey God, they had to trust His plan, and see their victory before they marched into battle. Whatever promise of God you’re clinging to, have faith that it will come to pass today—not just when it finally happens!”

3. We must praise Him regardless of our circumstances. The impetus for our praise is not any specific blessing, circumstance, or answered prayer. These things are bonuses to what God has primarily gifted us with: His presence. God’s identity is reason enough for us to eternally, daily, and passionately praise Him with everything we have. This means that, regardless of where we are, we should be offering Him the worship He deserves.

God is worthy of our praise always! When we accept this, humble ourselves, and obey His Word, we’ll see staggering victory in our lives! It may not always look like we expected, but He is trustworthy and able to do more than we could ask or imagine! Lean on Him today, and march forward with your praise out front! 

Live Big!

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