Just Keep Walking

When we are following the Lord’s guidance, who could possibly stand against us?

When faced with a storm, where do you turn to? Time and time again in God’s Word, we see Him saving, providing for, and protecting His people. We see Him part the Red Sea for Moses, help David slay Goliath, and even helped Peter to walk on water. Our God is anything but limited by what we expect!

Oftentimes, people have mental barriers that limit them from all that God has called them to do. They think they aren’t smart enough, apt enough, or good enough in the position to advance into what God has called them to. But, why are we thinking this way?

Instead of letting our faith dwindle every time we encounter an obstacle, we should look at it as an opportunity for God to provide. When God calls us to accomplish something, we need to stop putting faith in our tools, processes, and methods. Instead, we must put our faith in the One who called us to the assignment! If He has called you, He will ensure you have what you need to get the job done.

In conclusion, we serve the God of the universe. There is nothing, no one, or no obstacle that can stop Him or His plan for us. We must strive to operate in total obedience to the Lord and be open to what He has in mind – and how He wants to get it done.


Live Big!

Dr. Derek Grier

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