The need for strong, godly men — men of character, integrity, and power — has never been greater…and the attack against biblical masculinity has never been more fierce. I want to issue a challenge and call this generation of men to recapture the essence of what it means to be a man and to take back the roles and responsibilities to which God has called them.

The plan of the enemy, for far too long, has been to undermine our families, churches and communities by minimizing and marginalizing the man’s role in his home.

I truly believe that men are called to be the foundation for the family. If the roof is broken, the house still stands. But if the foundation is broken, the house will be destroyed.

In turn, men should be the foundation for our churches and our communities. As men, we carry within us a great responsibility and a great weight. But only by getting a proper image of who Jesus is and by being connected to other strong men can we learn to step into the fullness of our purpose and calling.

My life was forever changed when I discovered the Jesus who occupied the pages of the Gospels. Jesus will always be the highest and best expression of manhood. I’m convinced that if more men were introduced to Who the Master really is, they’d pursue Him with everything they had. In John 12:32, He says that if He is lifted up, He will draw all men to Him.

If you’re ready to answer the call to the standards of biblical manhood, I encourage you to listen to some of my most recent messages. I want to warn you, in this message…I do not pull any punches. I’ll take you through the Word of God and build a foundation for the essential elements of what it means to live as a Christ-led man in the world today. We’ll explore how a man can protect his home and family, how honor can bring promotion, and how to operate in masculine purity.

Now is the time for men to answer the call! It’s time for men to embrace their divine purpose and destiny and make their mark on a desperate world. Let’s unite and make each other stronger!

Walking in Grace,
Bishop Derek Grier

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