Into the Deep

The Holy Spirit is a being

When it comes to your relationship with the Lord, would you say you’re ‘all in?’ Oftentimes, believers stay on the banks of belief – they stay on the outskirts of the living water, staying only ankle-deep. Contrary to this half-hearted faith, the Bible calls us to be all in for the Lord. In John 7:38, it frames this call to action perfectly:

“All who believe in me should drink! As the scriptures said concerning me, ‘rivers of living water will flow out from within him.’”

This is Jesus speaking. He makes it abundantly clear that we are to go to Him when we are thirsty. When we lean into the Lord, His Word, and His guidance in our lives, He transforms our hearts and minds.

This process is so powerful that, as stated in John 7:38, the living water can eventually flow out of us as believers. You read that right – when we are wholehearted in our faith and go all in regarding our relationship with the Lord, He transforms our hearts into sources of His living water.

In conclusion, this process isn’t accidental. We must purposefully and sincerely lean into the Lord and drink from His living water. Only He can transform us to be vessels and distributors of His living water!


Live Big!

Dr. Derek Grier

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