I’m Passing Through

I’m Passing Through Part 1

I’m Passing Through

Key Scripture: John 20; Mark 16; John 11

The disciples each had an integral role on the first Easter Sunday. From Mary Magdalene, John, and Peter, we learn how to handle dark, confusing times:

Keep it Moving. When we’re confused, and things seem hopeless, that’s when we need to get up and keep going. Mary went to the tomb even though she thought Jesus was dead. She was obedient.

Walk by Faith. When you follow Jesus like the disciples had, your perspective shifts. You walk by faith, not by what your eyes see. The disciples trusted Jesus to have His way, when all was said and done.

Run Together. Peter and John made each other better. They had unique gifts, but encouraged one another to run faster towards Jesus. Who do you have in your life who does the same?

When we keep moving, walking by faith, and surrounding ourselves with Godly people, there’s no limit to what God will do through us! We’ll pass through the things that hold us hostage, and see Jesus Christ in brand new ways!

Live Big!

Dr. Derek Grier

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