If the Lord is God…

He deserves our everything

If the Lord is God…

In 1 Kings 18, we find the amazing story of Elijah and the prophets of Baal going head to head in making sacrifices to their respective gods. Elijah asks God’s people to choose whether they will be loyal to God or to Baal…unfortunately, before the sacrifices are made, no one in the crowd says a word.

Elijah said, “If the Lord is God, stop playing with God. If the Lord is God, follow Him.” What he meant is still applicable to us today: we can’t simply acknowledge God every now and then; we can’t just throw Him five dollars in the offering periodically and feel like we’ve done our due. If the Lord is God, we must truly follow Him.

What does this mean? “Follow” means to go where He tells you to go; do what He tells you to do. If God is all-knowing, all-seeing, all-powerful, all-loving, you can’t add to “all.” The moment you try to add to “all,” you’re saying that there was not “all” in the first place, because something was missing. So if we try to live life solely based on our own power, wisdom, and knowledge, we’re saying that God isn’t enough—that we can’t trust Him.

The people wouldn’t answer Elijah. In their lack of answer, they were still giving an answer, however. Indecision is still a decision. In Revelation, God tells one of the seven churches, “I’d rather that you were hot or cold. But all this lukewarm stuff makes my belly hurt.” The Israelites in 1 Kings 18 didn’t have the courage to defend their position, or to change it. So they were silent.

Lukewarm believers never live by faith, because their lives are so carefully structured that they don’t have to. Be sure, as you continue in your walk with God, that you haven’t allowed life to make you lukewarm to Him. Make sure you’re surrendering your worship, your life, and every little detail to Him, and following Him in every area. If the Lord is God…He deserves our everything.

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