If He Leads You To It, He’ll Get You Through It

The Purpose of Testing

If He Leads You To It, He’ll Get You Through It

Have you ever felt like a certain struggle in your life was God challenging you? Maybe you didn’t realize it at first, thinking that any difficulty in your life was just bad luck. Or if you did recognize the test, perhaps you felt like God was asking too much of you. The truth is, God, who is a good, good Father, tests us often to convince us of the strength that’s inside of us. During these challenges, what’s important to remember is that if God leads you to it, it’s only because He knows He will get you through it.

The fact of the matter is that being challenged is just part of life! And while those seasons can be difficult, they are always worth it. If God asks you to sacrifice, rest assured, He’s provided a reward for you on the other side! Even if you fail, God will be right there to pick you back up, as He’s not looking for perfect vessels, just willing ones. God is a good, good father and He loves when we trust him, because He knows once we do, we become fearless and the possibilities in our lives become limitless.

We read about God testing his followers all throughout scriptures. One of the most riveting trials we see is God’s test of Abraham in Genesis 22, when God told Abraham to sacrifice his beloved son, Isaac. Abraham was distraught, but trusted God enough to obey. Abraham walked up a mountain with his son, ready to sacrifice him, but in the end, God spared Isaac, and greatly rewarded Abraham for trusting Him.

Like Abraham, we all have a mountain to climb. Yet, if you trust our Father and keep moving, just as He did for Abraham, God will meet you at the top and provide for you. So, don’t be troubled when challenges arise in your life. But, know that we serve a good, good Father and whatever you’re facing, God has equipped you to overcome it. It is your trust in God that allows you to obey Him even when it doesn’t make sense to you!

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Dr. Derek Grier

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