I Am Betting On You

I Am Betting On You

God is betting on you.

When financial troubles, relationship strains, a wayward son or daughter, or poor health come into your life, every day can seem like a hopeless struggle. Yet, as Christians, we must remember that our days don’t give us hope… God does! So, no matter our circumstances, we can look to God and receive hope for our every day.

The Bible gives us great encouragement on God’s provision of hope in our lives through the story of David. David, a man of God, had a long history of going through such struggles. David left behind a legacy of how we should respond to God when we’re smack dab in the middle of life.

David’s last few years were spent as a mercenary, a warrior that he hadn’t expected to become. He was merely surviving until the prophecy was fulfilled yet, David did not like who he was. He wasn’t where he wanted to be, and he wasn’t doing what Samuel had anointed him to do.

What we can learn from this is that our challenging times are between the promise of God and the moment we are able to say, “there it is.” You see, God always has a plan. He’s always got something for us coming through the pipe. If what we’re doing is wrong, it is not from God.

Most of what David was doing, like murder and adultery, was not from God. His lifestyle was starting to catch up to him; he was reaping what he’d sown after all these years of killing and capturing, lusting and deceiving. Yet, David’s heart was still after God. David was making mistakes, but one of the greatest things we can learn from David is that he still went to God with his mistakes and repented of his sins.

David was broken over his iniquities.

David felt hopeless, as you can read in Psalm 40:12; however, he looked to God to help him back up. David knew that the living God, surely, and without fail, would help him recover all he’d felt he’d lost. With God in charge of his life, there was nothing missing, nothing broken, that could not be given back or restored.

The point is, when you trust God with your mess, in the middle of your mess, you’re going to get back what you thought you’d lost. God’s going to bless you, restore you, lift you up, and cover you in mercy and grace.

There is nothing God cannot do! The valuable lesson we can learn from David is that God is always betting on us. He made us; He knows us. And our sins don’t separate us from God, anymore. If He woke you up today, He’s got something for you. Our job is to give everything to Him — our struggles, our triumphs, our sorrows, and our joys. We need to be more like David, recognizing that when bad things happen, God is still betting on you to survive it because He is there to help you survive it. We need to be more like David, realizing that when we mess up, God is still betting on you to start renewed because He is there to restore you and renew you through His Son’s precious blood.

When devastation lands right in your lap, give it to God. When you want to throw your hands in the air and give up, keep those hands raised in surrender to God. God’s betting on you, each and every day that He gives you, to make it through. You’re not alone.

Be more like David and relinquish your hopelessness, your defeated attitude, your bad days to the Redeemer and Defender of the weak, the Almighty God.

Living In Grace and Peace,

Dr. Derek Grier

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