How to Turn Your Faith into Action

Taking Action

How to Turn Your Faith into Action

Sometimes the difference between our dreams and our reality is one simple word: action. By our actions, others know our faith. By our actions, a vision from God can come to life!

In Matthew 15:21-28, we read a story of a Gentile woman who put her faith into action. It was one of the only times Jesus commended the faith of someone who was not an Israelite. Let’s pick up on several elements of this woman’s faith that caught His attention.

  1. She Was Yielded: From the outset of their conversation, this woman yielded to whatever Christ said—and accepted even His silence. In this life, we will never understand everything He does. Instead, we must trust what He hasrevealed to us, and believe that His ways are higher than our ways.
  2. She Was Focused: When Jesus compared the Gentile woman to a little dog around its master’s table, she didn’t allow herself to get distracted by offense. Instead, she was content to be whatever God called her, as long as she could be close to Jesus. She remained focused on what she knew Jesus could do for her daughter.
  3. She Was Persistent:This woman kept pressing. She didn’t give up until she got what she needed from Jesus. Genuine faith produces corresponding action. So, if we truly believe, we must also take action!

Our first priority should always be to pursue God Himself. However, if we’re in His word, being led by His Spirit, and walking in truth, we should never be afraid to ask God for what we need. This woman’s faith was true, and she took action because of it. Today, what will you do to put action behind your faith in Jesus?

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