Hold on to What’s Left

Hold on to What’s Left

Have you ever run from God?

As His child, there’s nothing you can do to separate yourself from His love. However, you can make your life extremely difficult when you choose your way over His. Remember the story of Jonah? While this message isn’t about Jonah, he serves as a lasting example of what opposition to Christ looks like.

Today’s message sheds light on what it’s like to be on the other side of the Jonah story. We will start in Acts 27 and work our way through the passage for a complete understanding of God’s power through His chosen. In Acts 27, we learn about the power God has placed in Paul and what it looks like when people don’t listen to God speaking through His servants.

Paul was a prisoner, using his anomaly identity as both Jewish and Roman to appeal to Caesar about Paul’s cause of arrest. The Bible shares how Paul was ready and able to use this as an opportunity to preach to more than just the Jews but the Romans, too. However, Paul hits a snag in his journey when the boat he is on experiences a tremendous storm.

The guards guiding the boat did not listen to Paul and his warnings. Because they didn’t listen, the boat went a longer route, through a heavier storm. Even though Paul was right, the crew did not take notice. When the wind ceased and things looked like they were back to normal, the members of the crew ignored Paul again. There’s a valuable lesson in this part of the passage: When we ruin, but survive, a first chance and are handed a second one, we should take it.

The guards did not.

Shortly after thinking things were back in their control, the boat drifted and was pushed by a wind towards an island the guards hadn’t planned on staying at. Back then, a remote location inhabited by an unknown people was dangerous…the stakes of a mistake like this were high. Of course, God carried them through. Paul continued to encourage the people, even though they’d disregarded his wisdom from God. The men on that trip, including fellow prisoners, witnessed the power of God through His servant, Paul.

Paul’s tumultuous boat ride teaches us that one way God uses His servants to show His strength is by carrying them through a storm. Because once they make it through, God gets the glory and everyone else sees how when God is for His child, no one can stop His child.

Living in Grace and Peace,

Dr. Derek Grier

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