His Righteousness, Our Breastplate

Are you quick to compare yourself to others?

Are you quick to compare yourself to others? Self-righteousness can be damaging and dangerous! The reality is, we all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. Comparing yourself to another fallen, sinful person won’t do much, it isn’t an appropriate standard! Our standard is perfection, which we fall short of. Luckily, through Jesus, we meet the requirements!

Our salvation was attained entirely through Jesus dying on the cross. We did nothing to earn it! Your actions do not affect your salvation. So, why worry about what we do at all? If that’s the case, why should we strive to live sin-free? As a display of God’s love and grace in our lives! Show thankfulness to Him!

Through His sacrifice, He shared His righteousness with us. This is what Paul refers to in the armor of God as the breastplate of righteousness. This is a fundamental piece of equipment that we need when we are facing any spiritual warfare! Thanks to the gift of Jesus Christ, we can equip this breastplate and take on the righteousness of Jesus! What an amazing gift.

In conclusion, we must recognize our personal imperfections and stay away from a self-righteous mindset. Accept that your life is entirely Jesus’ doing! Display His love and grace on your life through your actions and utilize His help and righteousness when combatting the enemy! Are you equipped with His righteousness?

Live Big!

Dr. Derek Grier























































































































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