In everything we do, we can always look to Jesus as our example.  Sometimes, I think it’s easy to spiritualize all of the aspects of His life and to discount the commitment, effort, and energy He invested to live as He did.  Jesus had a work ethic that prepared Him to live with purpose and to carry out His mission in the earth.  When we develop the same discipline and mindset towards our assignment, we’ll see the same type of results the Master did.

There is no substitute for work in the Kingdom of God.  Most often, the answer to prayers for provision come disguised as work.  But when we work from the heart and bring our best to our workplaces, regardless of position or pay, we bring honor to God.

Paul tells us plainly in his epistles that we are to work as unto the Lord.  We need to work just as if Jesus Himself was our employer.  Not to earn His favor, but to represent the Kingdom of God – to represent your Savior, your Father in a manner that they are worthy of.  Your rank or position doesn’t matter.  Even job title doesn’t matter.  It’s a heart issue.  Work from the heart and God will find a way to bless you and increase you.  When you serve God through your job, you’re inviting the grace of God to come into your place of employment and make things right.  It doesn’t matter if man sees you because promotion comes from Heaven!

It can be easy to follow the sway of the crowd, but we’re called to press forward into our purpose and calling just like Jesus.  Continue to press beyond what the crowd is willing to do.  Go farther than the crowd is willing to go and you’ll discover yourself living a life of blessing set apart for those who are willing to match Heaven’s work ethic.  You’ll never get to that next level or take that next step until you learn to apply yourself fully in the position you’re in.

If you’re ready to step into the life of financial freedom and peace God has for you, I encourage you to take advantage of this week’s broadcast offer.  In my brand new teaching series, “Inside Information,” I’ll lead you through a biblically balanced understanding of how to relate to your finances and resources as well as providing practical steps you can take to make your family more financially secure.  Your work ethic and the manner in which you approach your finances will position you for greater things in the future.

Remember, your job is your ministry!  You’re not serving that company or that boss.  You’re serving God and He will be your ultimate rewarder!

God bless you!

Living in Grace and Peace,
Bishop Derek Grier

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