All Hair but No Heart

All Hair but No Heart

As a parent, you have an incredible ability to influence how your children discover and use their God-given talents and abilities.  But when we fail to train them properly, we set them up for a lifetime of failure.  Today, we’re continuing our study of David and Absalom and taking a deep and honest look at what can happen in our homes when sin and unforgiveness take root.  None of us are perfect parents, but by learning from David’s bad example we can aspire to bring peace and restoration to our families and relationships.

In 2 Samuel 14, we see the terrible result of a disengaged father and a son who has never known discipline.  David sees that Absalom has grown into a person he never expected him to be. Likewise, absent of David’s loving direction and guidance, Absalom begins sowing the seeds of rebellion to seize what would have been his throne by birthright.

As parents, it’s our job to mold, discipline, and develop our children.  We need to prepare them and equip them to be who God has called them to be.  When we miss that season in their lives, it can be tough to get back and the very gifts that they should have been taught to use for the Kingdom can be twisted and perverted.  Absalom had all the qualities David could have wanted in an heir and son, yet those same qualities led him in a path towards rebellion.  By the time David realized how far his son’s heart had turned, it was too late.

It doesn’t have to be too late for you and your children!  Years may have been lost.  Seasons may have past.  But it’s not too late to believe God to work in the life of your child.

God wants to mend our broken lives, but first we have to trust Him with our broken pieces.  If you’re ready to experience the restorative work of God’s power in your life and the life of your children, I want to share my latest series with you and walk you through the troubles of David and Absalom and reveal the Father heart of God toward all of His children.  If you’ve ever experienced pain within your family… if you’ve ever made mistakes as a parent, this series will show you how to pick up the pieces and reconnect to the promises of God.

Instead of rebellion, it’s time for us to love our children back into their high royal calling!

Living in Grace and Peace,

Dr. Derek Grier

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