Hair gets a lot of commercial time on almost every TV program we watch. Whether it’s a drama, a rom-com, a game show or a football game, there are a lot of ads related to hair. We color it, we wash it, we style it, we cut it and we extend it. And some of us try to get it to grow back. It’s not a life or death thing; still, we spend so much time and money on our hair.

What if we paid as much attention to our souls as we did our hair? Well, strong man Samson, who was famous for his hair, learned the hard way that he should’ve been keeping his soul in check. You see, Samson had a weakness for foreign women. He loved to date women from other regions and religions. His parents and others warned him that he was living dangerously, but he thought he could remain strong. He had a wandering eye and a wandering heart. Although outwardly strong, Samson’s soul was weakening as he listened to the followers of false gods. He should’ve been protecting his soul.

Soon, Samson fell in love with Delilah who lived in a region that was opposed to God’s people. She was hired by the Philistine leaders to find out the secret to Samson’s strength. Eventually, he gave into the continuing requests of Delilah. When he told her that it was his hair, Delilah arranged a trap for Samson. She cut his hair and gave him over to his enemies. He was ashamed and afraid. The strong had become weak. Samson’s unprotected soul led to an unprotected life.

God forgave Samson and his hair eventually grew back as both his spiritual and physical strength returned. There are a couple of takeaways for us: listen to the warnings from those concerned with your soul. Be accountable to the spiritually mature, God’s Word, and the Holy Spirit. Be assured, that if your heart’s desire is to follow God, He will protect you and provide Rogaine for your soul.

Live Big!

Dr. Derek Grier

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