God’s Promises, God’s Plan, God’s Timing

Trusting Him includes trusting His timing

Do you trust in what God has said? When God speaks into our lives or calls us to do something in His name, we must be careful not to let external circumstances kill the vision He has placed in our hearts. Trusting Him includes trusting His timing. No matter what, His divine Word will come to pass – even if it’s not on our timetable!

No matter how unlikely God’s Word may seem in our current situation, we can and should have confidence it will come to pass. We cannot let hardships, adversity, or fear kill the vision God has given us. Instead, we should look at these external events in light of the vision God has placed in our hearts. God’s promises will come to pass, no matter what.

When we look at the pain, trials, and confusion of this life through this lens, we will not easily be swayed like many in the world are today. We will be patient as these events come and go, for our Creator has given us a word. While this may not come as we expect it or when we expect it, we nevertheless know it will come to pass.

In conclusion, when God speaks into your life, trust Him. Trust His timing. Trust in His plan. No matter what is going on in the world, He is greater. We must put our faith in Him instead of our own plans, understanding, and timing!


Live Big!

Dr. Derek Grier

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