God Stops for Us, and God Stops Us

When God Stops

God Stops for Us, and God Stops Us

The process of writing my brand new book, When God Stops, has been a lifetime in the making. Not only does God stop for people in the Scriptures, but by sending Jesus to be our Savior, He shows that He’s willing to stop for each one of us, as well. On top of that, God stops us from being who we would become without His presence and guidance.

I remember clearly a day in my college dorm when God appeared to me and filled me with His peace. I had never felt that before. Leading up to that point, I’d been studying the Quran and elements of the Islamic faith. I can’t imagine who I would have become if God hadn’t encountered me—stopped for me—that day in my dorm room. Countless times since receiving Christ as my Savior, I’ve seen Him stop for me, as well. 

The purpose of the book is to help you see practical results in your faith walk with God. The eight New Testament characters I study, one in each chapter, exhibited faith that caught God’s attention. Ultimately, we learn that breakthroughs, miracles, and other acts of God don’t come based on our own merits or actions; however, we can position ourselves to see God move. When God Stops is designed to show you how to do just that. 

How has God stopped for you? What was the first time you heard Him or felt His presence in a new way? Who would you be if it weren’t for His saving grace? God stops for us, and God stops us. How grateful we ought to be for these two wonderful truths! 

Live Big!

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