God Has More for You

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God Has More for You

Shortly after Jesus’s resurrection, He appeared multiple times to many different people. We have eyewitness evidence of the fact that He rose from the dead. Jesus prepares His disciples for what’s to come, instructing them to stay in the city until the Holy Spirit comes upon them. From this story, we learn several things about both God and our role as believers.

1. There is evidence of Christ’s resurrection. Most people today believe that Jesus lived and died—that He is a confirmed historical figure. However, the resurrection is what most people have trouble. We see that Jesus appears to many people over the course of 40 days, so that even though we still need to have faith, there is confirmed evidence of His resurrection.

2. The disciples would be immersed in the Holy Spirit. Just as water baptism by John had been a sign of belief in Jesus, now baptism in the Holy Spirit would be the sign of eternal salvation. Jesus promised the disciples that the Helper would come upon them in just a few short days. It was more than worth the wait. 

3. God’s power strengthens believers to fight the good fight. Jesus told His followers to stay in Jerusalem, and proclaim the truth to all those who had witnessed His death. The reason they could do this was because they knew God was with them—both in Jesus and, soon, in the Holy Spirit. Their faith and confidence in Christ was their strength.

Because we know Jesus conquered death, and because we have been baptized in the Holy Spirit, who indwells us, you and I have the strength to face whatever challenges come our way. We are immersed in God’s presence, empowered by a Savior who has all authority and dominion. When trials and fear threaten to overwhelm you, remind yourself of who He is and what He’s done!

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