In your darkest hours of struggle, do you know that God has a plan for your situation?

Each day when we turn on the news, self-destruction is front and center. Our nation is full of individuals who seem to have it all together, but are full of worry, fear, and anxiety on the inside.

As followers of Christ, we must choose to believe the voice of faith over fear. We must grasp the understanding that no matter how much darkness is around us, God will make a way where there seems to be no way. Remember, no problem is too big for God to handle.

When facing difficult situations in life, don’t back down, don’t give up. Now is the time to submit yourself to God so you can experience a complete turnaround in your life. The same God that created the universe in 6 days and used four lepers to save an entire city from destruction can move mountains on your behalf.

If you’re ready to completely submit to God and put your faith into action, I invite you to get a copy of my life-changing teaching entitled “Go Big or Die Trying.” This message explains how to turn away from the pits of this world and look beyond your current situation so you can follow the path God has ordered for you and experience victory in every area of your life! I’ll also send you a copy of another one of my messages called “In a Category all by Yourself.”

We were all created to fulfill a purpose. Don’t let the storms you may be facing convince you to believe otherwise.

God bless you!

Living in Grace and Peace,
Dr. Grier

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