Getting Uncomfortable

Why Our Greatest Worship Tends to Begin Just Beyond Our Comfort Zone

Most of us have heard the story of God telling Abraham to sacrifice his only son, Isaac. This sacrifice meant so much not only because Isaac was Abraham’s son, but because he was the son of promise—the offspring through which God had promised to give Abraham descendants as numerous as the sand on the shore or the stars in the sky.

This was an offering that truly meant something to Abraham. The truth is that our greatest worship tends to begin just beyond our comfort zone. For a lot of us, our current mode of worship is way too comfortable. That’s why we’re stuck, and we’re not growing. Real worship often begins in an unfamiliar place. And this doesn’t mean a church building; I’m talking about emotionally, mentally, and spiritually going where you’ve never gone before.

The safest place you’ll ever be is in the will of God. I’d rather be on a battlefield, with bullets flying over my head, in the will of God, than out of the will of God, sitting in my living room. Abraham understood this; He trusted God’s heart and character, and he knew that God’s will was the best way. No matter what questions or unknowns lay in this sacrifice for Abraham, he went ahead with obeying God.

Until we’re willing to sacrifice—truly sacrifice—in our obedience, we’ll never discover all that He has for us. But when we lay everything we have on the altar, we’ll discover that God gives us back more than we ever could have asked for—He’s just that good.

Live Big!

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