Freedom Starts with You!

When we first learn to control ourselves, half the battle is won.

Freedom Starts with You!

If you could capture a picture of freedom, what would it look like? Have you ever been through times when life seems to bind you; stealing your freedom and happiness? Good times are great, but God also uses the tough times to strengthen us and lead us into true freedom!

In Luke 8, we are introduced to a wild man running straight for Jesus. Amazingly, Jesus is cool, calm, and collected, and by the time the man reaches Jesus, he falls to his knees. There will be times when situations attack you.  Instead of reacting in kind, think about changing how you respond. Jesus did not seek to control the man; He chose to control His reaction to the man. When we first learn to control ourselves, half the battle is won.

You might be at the center of a wild and crazy situation. You might also be jumping from one bad situation to the next, but God desires to set you free. When life’s issues rage against you, stop running from the problem, and start running toward the problem solver. Respond with the peace and strength of God’s Word, and you will­­­ discover a strength you didn’t know you had. Your situation may not change immediately, but as you submit to God, the freedom you experience will speak louder than your words ever could!

Live Big!

Dr. Derek Grier

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