Have you ever had to make a tough decision about something when you didn’t have all the facts? We meet people and face confusing or awkward situations daily and it’s not always easy to know how to respond, especially since people can have questionable motives.

The blessing is, we don’t have to rely on our own understanding or wisdom to figure out what’s foul or fair. When we are connected to God, we can actually get inside information from the Holy Spirit through the Gift of Discernment. This gift of the Spirit can give us supernatural insight at a given moment. Isn’t that amazing?

We see this gift in action in the book of Acts, when the Apostles were confronted with a situation where they had to discern the motive of a new believer. Prior to his conversion, Simon the Sorcerer had performed many magic tricks to deceive people and when he saw the Apostles operate under the power of the Holy Spirit, he coveted that power and even offered to pay them if they would give him the same power they had.

This was when Peter’s gift of discernment kicked in! He saw that Simon’s motives were foul, as he thought of the Holy Spirit as a “Power” that could be used as he willed, instead of a “Person” who would live in and operate through him. Peter corrected him, explaining what was wrong with his request, and turned an awkward situation into a learning experience for Simon and everyone watching.

It’s true that having all the facts can make decision making easier, but it’s also true that God is not limited by what we do or do not know. We all need the Gift of Discernment operating in our lives to make wise choices––Knowing which job to take, person to date, or financial investment to delve into, etc.––so I invite you to have a conversation with God today and ask Him to help you tap into His spiritual gifts!

Live Big!

Dr. Grier

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