Finding Joy Amidst Fearful Circumstances

The Joy of Minding Your Business

In Luke, Jesus lays out a series of warnings about the end times. What things will look like, how people will act, signs that will occur, and how the world will perceive Him. These warnings and prophecies were given not to scare us, but to prepare us for what is to come. When we become familiar with these signs, we can overcome the fear associated with them and move forward in joy of what they signify!

The first step to this process is overcoming the fear of these events. As believers, we shouldn’t be afraid of what is to come. We should strive to endure it with courageous and faithful hearts—it cannot last forever! Our suffering will not last forever—fight the good fight until the end!

We also must be intentional to recognize what the signs and events discussed really mean. While short-term, they may seem horrible, scary, and frightening, they really signify the second coming of the Son of Man! Jesus’ return is marked by these prophecies, their fulfillment—while scary in their own right—means that Jesus’ return is closer than ever!

In conclusion, we can’t let ourselves be overcome by fear as we start to see signs and prophecies foretold of by Jesus come to pass. Make sure you’re remembering that the coming of these events also marks the return of our Savior—the Son of Man, Jesus Christ! Strive cast away your fear and find joy in the fact that He will return!


Live Big!

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