Finding Contentment with Your Purpose

In a world of social media and constant comparison, insecurity is at an all-time high

In a world of social media and constant comparison, insecurity is at an all-time high. Men, women, and children from all backgrounds, religions, and geographical locations are being caught up in the never-ending cycle of comparing themselves to those around them. When we live like this, however, we are living ineffectively. We can’t compare ourselves to others because we are a unique creation of God with a unique purpose!

Recognizing this as fact is the first step to overcoming our insecurity. There are not two of God’s children that are alike or have the same purpose in life. He does not compare us to one another – instead, He measures us against the purpose He has called us to. When we focus on this, we will find divine contentment in our assignment!

It is easier now than ever to compare our lives with the lives of others through social media and the internet. We cannot fall into this dangerous trap and allow comparison to pull us from the pursuit of God’s purpose over our lives. Focus on your purpose in the Lord and progress towards that calling. This is the only way you will find true contentment!

In conclusion, insecurity is at an all-time, historical high – as is comparison. As children of God, we cannot fall for this trap. Instead, we must focus on God’s calling over our lives and the purpose He has for us. When this is our focus, we will not harbor insecurity, but instead, divine contentment.


Live Big!

Dr. Derek Grier

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