When you consider the amount of Jesus’ life that was foretold and the perfect degree to which it came to pass, believing in Jesus becomes the most rational thing a person can do.  It’s absolutely stunning how much the writers of the Bible captured about who Jesus would be and what He would do hundreds and even thousands of years before He was ever born.  Looking back, we can easily connect the dots.

Today, I want to build your faith to not only believe what was declared about Jesus, but to believe what God declared about you in His Word. The moment you believe in the Scripture it becomes a prophecy about what is going to take place in your life.  Restoration, healing, provision, peace… these are all things your Father has declared over you.  And now is your time to begin seeing them come to pass.

Faith announces your outcome while you’re still in the middle of your situation.  The Word you need to transform your situation has already been spoken over you.  Now is your time to activate it by applying your faith towards it.  It’s God’s nature to predict before He performs.  He always says before He does.  He has already declared His Word over you.

This is why it’s so important for us to remain in the Word of God.  Unless you know what’s in the Word, how can you know what you have a right to as a child of God?  In my most recent series, I want to help build your faith to get real results in your life.  Over the course of these messages, you’ll awaken to a bold new vision of what your life could look like.

God has already declared a life of peace, health, and victory for you, but are you ready to experience it?  Instead of allowing your life to be defined by negative words and circumstances, now is your time to release your faith for God’s prophetic promise of joy and fulfillment to come to pass in your life!

Living in Grace and Peace,
Bishop Derek Grier

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