Fact or Fiction

Fact or Fiction

Consider how one book with multiple authors spanning thousands of years can still be completely unified and whole. It’s miraculous.

The Word of God is vital to your walk with God. To know God is to know His Word.  To love God is to love His Word.  To obey God is to obey His Word. And it’s just as critical that you know you can trust and rely on the authority of His Word.

My hope is for our hearts to be anchored to the Word of God. So many things in life will try to pull us off of the Word, but I want you to be able to confront every challenge, every situation, and every storm knowing the Word is your connection to everything you need from God! When our lives are anchored in the Word, we’ll discover what it means to know God, love God, and obey God!

Our confidence in the Word comes not just from what it says, but from what we know about how we received it. The Apostle Peter tells us that men wrote the Word as they were inspired by the Holy Spirit. In each of their writings, the Holy Spirit is able to use the unique authors’ styles and personalities as a brush to paint the complete canvas of the Word.

Even more striking is the lengths these men would go to hold fast to what the Word says.  All of the apostles were tortured for their faith in the written Word of God. All, except one, were martyred for what they considered to be the God-breathed scripture. The Bible is more than an elaborate story. It’s more than the opinions of people who lived thousands of years ago.

The Bible is the living, breathing Word of God that contains within it everything we’ll ever need to live life the way God intended. 

I want to encourage you to take advantage of my latest message series entitled “Fact or Fiction?” in which I present a case for why we can rely on the Bible as it is written to build our lives and guide our faith.  When we transition from seeing the Bible as a bunch of rules or as just words on a page to embracing it as an active part of our Christian walk and discipleship, it changes everything about the way we live.

More than just the words on a page, you and I are in need of revelation if we’re going to live more like Jesus.  We need to get in the Word and begin to ask God to show, reveal, and teach us what is true so we can become true disciples of Jesus.

Walking in Grace,

Dr. Derek Grier

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