Exalting His Name

Recognize that God has plans for each of our lives

We each must come to recognize that God has plans for each of our lives. Whether or not we follow His guidance in our lives is up to us. So, when you feel the Lord guiding you, are you quick to follow His promptings? Or do you operate according to your fleshy desires? We need to be intentional in both living out the plans God has for us and giving Him the glory that comes with it!

First, we’ll need to live out the plans God has for us. We need to listen to His guidance and make the difficult decisions necessary. When you’re faced with an obstacle, are you filled with uncertainty and doubt? Or are you confident in the provision and guidance of the Lord? We need to trust in His plans!

When we accomplish what God has planned for us, we cannot let ourselves get cocky and take the credit. We need to be intentional about exalting the name of the Lord. While God doesn’t need us to do this, we are using His plans in our life as a display of His glory to those around us, what could be better?

In summation, we must lean into the guidance of the Lord and recognize it is His provision, power, and guidance that gets us where we end up, not our own choices! We cannot let ourselves seek glory from others, instead, we need to give all glory back to the Creator—it was His plan in the first place. Exalt His name on high!


Live Big!

Dr. Derek Grier

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