A Dream & A Jail Cell

A Dream & A Jail Cell

What are we to do when God has revealed a grand vision for our lives that doesn’t seem like it’ll ever come to pass?

God does everything in each of our lives in accordance with his perfect timing, but sometimes we grow disgruntled because it’s inconvenient for us. Or we decide to take matters into our own hands because God isn’t moving quickly enough, only to end up worse off than we were beforehand.

We need to understand that God sometimes hinders our plans because he has something greater than we could ever imagine in store for us. We must be mindful that there’s a bigger picture God is trying to paint, even if the current path isn’t making much sense. And if we step out on faith and God orders us to turn around, we must be willing to do so because advancing prematurely will not help us reach the promises of God any faster.

So, even in the midst of our tests and trials, it’s important for us to stand firm on God’s promises and believe our breakthrough is on the way so we can ascend to the next level in his plan.

If you’re ready to do what it takes so God’s visions can manifest in your life, I encourage you to get a copy of my teaching titled “A Dream and a Jail Cell.” It’s about abiding by God’s perfect timing in order to tap into the abundant blessings he has in store for your life. I also discuss the significance of praise and worship, even in the most turbulent times, to tap into the supernatural power needed to propel you to the next level in your Christian walk.

Seek God so he can provide clarity and unleash abundance in your life!

God bless you!

Living in Grace and Peace,

Dr. Derek Grier

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