Don’t Settle

Turning to God

Is your relationship with God based on how well your life is going? Many people have no trouble putting faith and trust in God when everything in their life is going well. But, when things start to go wrong, they are quick to turn from God. As believers, we should strive to keep our faith in God, even when everything in our lives is going wrong. When we put our lives in God’s hands, He does big things through us for His Kingdom!

We are sure to face difficult moments in our lives. Just as Davis lost his wife, his kids, and even the support of his men, we too are likely to lose things that we hold dear to us. When this occurs, we should do our best to turn to God in faith. He has a plan for our lives, and despite all the obstacles and difficulties that may be present in our lives, He still has a way out for us!

Turning to God amidst difficult seasons will require faith. Sometimes, it will look like there is no answer to our problems—it is in these situations that we grow in faith the most! Putting our faith in God and His plan for us despite uncertainty is the very essence of faith. Strive to turn to God amidst your trials!

In conclusion, no matter what the situation might be, or how bad it is—God has an answer, and we should put it in His hands. God can help us get past the obstacles in our lives and through the struggles of our past. Put your problems in His hands and have faith that He will move in your life! Don’t settle—Turn to God!

Live Big!

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