Don’t Get Caught up in the Competition!

When Healthy Competition Turns to Jealousy

Don’t Get Caught up in the Competition!

The Olympic Games are a highly anticipated and tremendously popular worldwide competition. Each country’s athletes are pitted against one other to see who is the best in their sport. But what do we do when healthy competition turns to jealousy, and brings out the worst in people?

In Daniel 6, we see a plot to destroy Daniel. Despite being uprooted from his family, taken to a foreign nation, and stripped of his manhood, he remained devoted to God. This devotion caused some to become jealous, and seek to damage his reputation, ruin his career and even take his life. However, Daniel didn’t develop a bad attitude or seek revenge; he relied on God. Don’t be surprised when others turn against you for your beliefs, and no matter how justified you feel, don’t seek vengeance. Place your trust in God, and in the end, your enemies will fall into the trap they thought was set for you.

The next time you find someone competing against you for all the wrong reasons, don’t allow their jealous games to change you. Remain consistent in your faith, and do things God’s way instead. What you are going through may be tough, but remember; God will never lead you to a place where He cannot protect you, or into a pit that He cannot get you out of. So, be encouraged!

Live Big!

Dr. Derek Grier

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