Every day, we are surrounded by advertisements, reality shows, TV commercials, and even self-help guides that are dedicated to telling us who we should be. Consequently, the value that we place on ourselves is largely based on what others think of us!

Here’s the reality: you were made in God’s image and His opinion is the only one that matters!

Luke 7 gives us an inspiring example of how to ignore other’s judgment and approach God, instead. The story is well known: while Jesus was dining with a well-known Pharisee, a woman came into the house and immediately fell at His feet, weeping. She brought a flask of fragrant oil and anointed Him with it, using her own tears and hair to wash away the dirt.

Now, this woman didn’t have a good reputation in the community. She was probably harassed daily, and she was certainly judged for interrupting a dinner with so many high officials present. However, the accusatory looks and cruel whispers never stopped her from her goal: to reach Jesus, and honor Him while bearing her soul. Jesus’ ministry had so impacted her life that she was ready to deal with whatever ostracism and judgement came as she pressed into His presence.

Wow! what courage, humility, and love this woman had for Jesus! It’s not easy to get past the labels or the hurtful words, but you must do like this woman and keep your eyes on Jesus and press toward Him. Despite your past and the naysayers, God loves you no matter what. So, the next time you’re standing in front of the mirror or scrolling through your friend’s social media pages, remember God’s opinion trumps everyone else’s and you are a jewel in His eye!

Live Big,

Derek Grier

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