Have you ever felt like there are places in your life that are too broken to ever be made right again? Maybe you’ve felt like it’s too late or it’s too bad to really be made whole. But I believe the goodness of God is about to invade every area of brokenness in your life! Beyond every pain, every hurt, and even every loss, the presence and power of Jesus is able to restore your peace, your joy, and your life!

Jesus had a knack for walking into the worst moments of people’s lives and transforming them. Some people are known for crashing parties, but The Master had a way of crashing funerals. In John 11, Jesus makes his way to the home of his friends, Mary and Martha, whose brother, Lazarus, had died. He was dead-dead. He had been wrapped in grave clothes and placed in a sealed tomb.

Jesus steps into the middle of this seemingly impossible circumstance and turns it into an advertisement for the Kingdom of God. He had already declared that Lazarus’ sickness would not be to death. In actuality, the sickness was through death because Jesus knew he would live again. Jesus loved his friends dearly, but His love doesn’t mean we’ll never go through problems. But we can have confidence that what He said about our situation will come to pass.

If you and I are going to make it through the tough times of life, we have to learn to see our crises as temporary. We can’t put periods where God has only placed a comma. The temptation we all face is to fall into the pattern of thinking like Martha. It’s too late. If only you had been here or done something. But it’s important for us to remind ourselves that for every situation that comes our way God has already placed His Word on it. It’s just a matter of faith for the Word to have its way.

If you serve the Alpha and Omega, you should be able to speak the end from the beginning.

I’ve put together a brand new teaching series that’s designed to help you recover from the places that are broken in your life. Remember, nothing is impossible for God. Whether it’s your health, a relationship, or even your finances, God has a way of restoring places of hurt into places of abundance. If you want to discover the goodness of God that is available for you, I encourage you to take advantage of this teaching offer and release the power of God’s grace and mercy in your life today.

It’s time to connect the dead places of our lives to the power and glory of Jesus’ resurrection power and discover the blessings and benefits God has to grow our lives.

God bless you!

Living in Grace and Peace,
Bishop Derek Grier

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