Have you ever completed a huge project where you poured your blood, sweat, and tears into it, only to see someone else take the credit? How did you feel? What thoughts came to mind? What actions did you take? Can you imagine how God feels when someone steals the credit for something that He has done?

King Hezekiah is known as one of the greatest kings of Judah — one who worshiped and obeyed God. But, at the height of his own success, he stole the credit for something that only God could have done. And that mistake led to generations of problems for God’s people.

Hezekiah became deathly ill and, in his desperation, he asked God for mercy and healing. Immediately, God responded and told him, through the prophet Isaiah, that He would heal him and restore his greatness.

Unfortunately, the king began to think that his healing was because of his own greatness rather than God’s mercy. So, when Hezekiah’s rivals showed up to congratulate him on his recovery, his pride took his glory to another level. Instead of humbly honoring God for his healing and blessing, Hezekiah took the credit and boasted about his great wealth and majesty. As a result, God promised that all of Hezekiah’s wealth would be given to his enemies, the Babylonians, and that some of Hezekiah’s sons would become slaves in the palace of Babylon.

Years of being blessed by God were undone when Hezekiah stole the credit for God’s provision. He forgot that EVERYTHING he had was because of God’s favor and mercy. When we fail to acknowledge God’s works and simply say “thank you,” we compromise our standing with God at a cosmic level. There is only one God and one King of all creation. And we are not Him. The same way we want to receive credit for what we do, we must give God the credit that He’s due! Don’t make Hezekiah’s mistake. Let’s give God all of the credit and glory for the wonderful things He has done in our lives!

Live Big!

Dr. Derek Grier

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