Keep it Simple: Crafting a Relevant Vision

Keep it Simple: Crafting a Relevant Vision

Perhaps the most essential part of any organization is its vision. So, what makes a vision compelling, and relevant? How can we ensure that what we are presenting has the desired impact?


  1. Make It Clear: Have you clearly written your vision down? If not, now is the time. Ask yourself – Why are you doing this? What’s your endgame? By clarifying the vision, you’ll have a stronger sense of identity as an organization, and be able to articulate what you’re offering to others.
  2. Make It Concise: If your vision statement is three paragraphs long, no one will be able to remember it! Get to the core, and condense your mission to one sentence, or even one simple phrase. Remember, even the Old Testament law was written on two stone tablets, and later summed up in two commands from Jesus.
  3. Make It Concrete: Make sure your vision is concrete. Many times, people talk about their vision, but have no way of making it measurable. Can you evaluate your vision on a weekly or monthly basis? Can you analyze the numbers and data to prove that you’re making progress? If not, you’re setting yourself up to regress instead of moving forward. Find a way to quantify your vision regularly.
  4. Make It Compelling: Get people excited about your vision! You will duplicate what you celebrate, so celebrate the things you want to see more of, and that is what will increase.

The success of your vision is largely determined by those who carry your vision. So, with these 4 things create buy-in by crafting a vision that is memorable, captivating and effective.

Live Big!

Dr. Derek Grier



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