Conquering Giants

Find comfort in God’s victory

As we pursue God’s plans for our life, we are sure to encounter obstacles. They may be temptations, obstacles, or uncertainties. Whatever they are, with God on our side we have everything we need to overcome. When we fully understand who we serve, we won’t let giants in our lives stop us from the plans He has for us!

We first must recognize who we are in Christ. As believers, we have eternal life and salvation through Jesus Christ’s sacrifice on the cross. We can be confident in this promise and always take comfort in its reality. Keeping this at the center of our mind and heart will give us confidence, comfort, and peace in even the direst of circumstances.

Whomever or whatever you obey in life becomes your master. This is why Christ’s temptation by the devil in the wilderness is so important. Christ did not follow the commands that Satan gave Him, declaring Himself as the true master! He did this to show both us and the devil who’s really in charge!

So, no matter what you’re going through currently or will go through in the future, find comfort in God’s victory. Find comfort in your salvation that was given to you by grace, not works. Have faith and confidence in the plans that God has for you moving forward!


Live Big!

Dr. Derek Grier

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