Choosing Your Counsel

Do you recognize the power of influence?

Do you recognize the power of influence? Who you read, watch, talk to, and listen to is influencing you each day – whether you realize it or not. Each person we hang around, we’re opening ourselves up to their personality, character, morals, actions and thought patterns. If we continue to hang out with the people we have been hanging around, we will continue to be molded by them – for better or for worse!

Realizing the power influence holds over your life is the first step to being intentional about it. We need to choose who we’re surrounding ourselves with and who’s advice we’re filling our lives and circumstances with. We need to be intentional to choose the right counsel – that is wise according to God’s Word, strives for growth, and wants the best for us.

If we’re not deliberate when seeking counsel, chances are the people we surround ourselves with will only bring us down. It could be a prevailing spirit of negativity, a spirit of competition, or just one of anger – whatever it may be, they won’t influence you positively and you’ll be missing out on your potential!

In closing, choose who you hang around wisely. Be intentional with what content you’re listening, watching, and letting influence you, and lean into God’s Word always – it is the only sturdy foundation.


Live Big!

Dr. Derek Grier

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