Changing the Way We See

God has big plans for all of His children

How do you see? Yes, with your eyes. But how do you see the world around you? How do you see the problems that arise and are blocking your path? How do you see the opposition and obstacles that block you from achieving what God has called you to achieve? The truth is our sight starts with our thinking. To fulfill the plans God has for us, we need to be willing to make a big shift in the way we think and perceive the world around us.

First, we need to make sure our plans aren’t the primary plans we are following in life. While you probably have given your plan careful consideration, our all-knowing Creator has a plan that far exceeds and surpasses your own plan. Once you recognize this, you can begin pursuing your calling.

Now, the journey God has laid before us is in no way meant to be easy or pain-free. But, with God on our side, it is entirely possible! Letting this fact become ingrained within your thinking will allow you to see obstacles, opposition, and adversity in a new light. Again, this is not just in what you see, but how you are seeing it. You now understand that with God on your side there is no reason to be deterred!

In closing, God has big plans for all of His children. It is up to us to embrace these plans and pursue them with wholehearted commitment for the glory of God. Along our journeys, we will inevitably experience trials, hardships, and opposition. When we recognize and dwell on the fact that God is on our side, we will face the roadblocks in our path head-on with confidence in God’s plan!


Live Big!

Dr. Derek Grier

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