Can God Trust You?

Can God Trust You?

God has allowed each of us to experience life here on Earth, but it is His desire for us to develop an eternal mindset. When we conform to His commands, we are afforded the ability to receive the greatest gift He has in store for us: eternal life through Christ Jesus.
But, developing an eternal mindset spans beyond accepting Jesus Christ in your heart as your Lord and savior. You must also be faithful with the resources God has blessed you with.

Luke 16:10 says:

“Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much, and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much.”

Not only does God meet our basic needs, but He sometimes goes above and beyond so that we can be a blessing to others. Unfortunately, many develop a sense of entitlement and forget that everything we own belongs to God. When we possess this ownership mentality, we hinder God from trusting us with spiritual resources and releasing His power in our lives in a special way.

To help you discover how being faithful with little allows God to open doors of opportunity in your life, I invite you to get a copy of one of my most popular teachings titled, “Can God Trust You?” Through the message, you also learn how to be a faithful steward of what God blesses you with by being a blessing to others.

Allow God to use you so you can be a blessing to others. And always remember that money is temporal, but God’s love is eternal.

Living In Grace and Peace,

Dr. Derek Grier

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