When Big Things Happen to Small People

When Big Things Happen to Small People

Are you truly depending on God in your daily walk?

When the storms begin to surface and we’re pushed to the limit, if we’re not careful, we could begin to place blame on God, instead of trusting Him to deliver us out of our situation.

On this journey, we are not exempt from trials and tribulations. God wants to fight all of our battles and give us a spirit of peace, but we must make a choice. When Jesus was tempted in the wilderness for 40 days by the devil, he made the decision to fast and follow God. And we should do the same in the midst of our dry season to experience the resurrection power.

If you’re struggling to remove yourself from the equation and let God take control, I invite you to get a copy of my message called, “When Big Things Happen to Small People.” Through this life-changing teaching, you will learn how to ward off attacks of the enemy and obey God’s commands, even at your weakest moments, so your faith can be elevated to new heights and God can do the unthinkable in your life.

Even if your decision to be obedient is met with criticism, I encourage you to stay in the race and obey God so you can experience the breakthrough you need.

God bless you!

Living in Grace and Peace,

Dr. Derek Grier

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