Beyond Forgiveness, Part 5

Beyond Forgiveness, Part 5

The moment we become born again, we begin to die to self and live for Christ. But what does it really mean to die to oneself?

In the word of God, death signifies transition for a believer. It’s through death that we are released from the bondage of sin and given a new life in Christ. And it’s only when we give our lives to God that we are changed; we can’t do it in our own strength.

If you’re ready to die to self and start living for Christ, I invite you to get a copy of my life-changing series titled “Beyond Forgiveness”. Through each of these dynamic messages, you will learn how to fully submit to God so He can direct your steps and place you on the path to a life of promise.

Make the decision today to move to that higher place in Christ.

God bless you!

Living in Grace and Peace,

Dr. Derek Grier

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