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Just like Paul, we need to remain focused on the Lord

How often in life do we give up on things because they are not what we had expected or hoped for? How often do we dwindle in our faith when we are faced with adversity? Oftentimes, our earthly expectations get in the way of God’s plan for our lives. God knows what we need, and what we need to do to help those around us as well. We can see this demonstrated through the life of Paul.

Saul’s miraculous transformation (in name, spirit, and profession) didn’t go unnoticed by those around him. Whether it was church leaders or unbelievers, people noticed Paul’s change in heart. While it took a while to convince some, Paul immediately started the work of the Lord – and faced strong opposition! Being imprisoned, shipwrecked, beaten, and much more, Paul knew what I meant to face adversity.

Yet, Paul continued to focus on the Lord and praise His name. Why did he do this – and how? It’s because Paul knew the Bible and how God operates. Although his ministry probably didn’t look how he thought it would look, God has used his story to reach innumerable lives, not only in Paul’s lifetime, and throughout history.

Just like Paul, we need to remain focused on the Lord. We need to continue to trust in Him and praise His name no matter what we are going through. God can use our situations to grow us, and also to be a display of His love, grace, and mercy to those around us. Next time you’re facing an obstacle in life, rejoice! Remember that the Lord is on your side.


Live Big!

Dr. Derek Grier

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