An Unbreakable Spirit

When we establish a life of prayer, we too can fulfill the plans He has for us.

If your country’s leader signed a law that banned prayer to God – punishable by death – would you immediately pray and thank the Lord? This is essentially what Daniel did when faced with this dilemma. Despite being faced with death, and death by lions nonetheless, Daniel showed an unbreakable spirit and unmatched faith in his God.

As those that know the rest of the story of Daniel are aware, Daniel did not die in the lion’s den which he was cast into. God sent an angel to seal the mouths of the lions. And, in a turn of events, the people who conspired to get Daniel killed were the ones who were fed to the lions.

Daniel’s story is one of courage and faith in the Lord’s protection and provision. While it may not seem applicable to us today, it is entirely. When faced with opposition, when faced with trials that test our faith, we must not turn away from the Lord our God. We must trust in His plan for His people, whatever that may be or entail.

While high-ranking officials were conspiring against Daniel, he prayed and thanked the Lord. When Daniel was faced with a new law banning prayer to God, he continued to pray. When Daniel was thrown in with lions in a den, he prayed to the Lord. Daniel had an unbreakable spirit, but he didn’t form and maintain this spirit on his own. Through consistent and heartfelt prayer, Daniel was able to face any and every obstacle that came his way. When we establish a life of prayer to God and lean into our relationship with Him, we too can fulfill the plans He has for us.


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Dr. Derek Grier

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