We’ve all encountered people who say they love Jesus, but not the church. Well, it’s simply not possible to truly love Jesus and not love the church.

Churches are more than just buildings — they’re the people who fill the building. We are the body of Christ, commissioned by God to continue Christ’s work and reach people with the Gospel message. How can someone claim to love an unseen God while saying they don’t love the people who make up His church?

The devil fights against the church to make people doubt the necessity of it in their lives. He knows that the church’s power comes from the unity of the people in it, because when we come together behind one vision, each with our own gifts, we’re able to do what one person alone cannot.

God’s power is seen when His people assemble together for His purpose. If Christians begin to lose faith in the church, then the church will slowly fade away, and with it, the testimony of Jesus.

Let me share with you some key points about Christ and the church:
• You can’t love Jesus and not love His church. When people talk badly about the church, it’s a reflection on Jesus, too.
• You can’t serve Jesus and not also serve His church. If you’re only serving in the world but not in the church, you are not yet serving Jesus.

If we, as the church and body of Christ, don’t carry out God’s mandate to come together and take the gospel to the world, then it won’t get done. If we don’t go out into the world and show people who God is, they won’t know His saving grace.

God is ready for the body of Christ to go “All In” with Christ and His Church, and promote His vision to save the lost. All we have to do is trust God, have faith, and get involved. Whenever God gives us an assignment, He equips us with what we need to carry it out. He will always be by our side, showing Himself strong, so have courage and let’s go All In for Christ!

Living in His Grace and Peace,

Derek Grier

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