A Supernatural Humility

A Supernatural Humility

When I first came to Christ, I was excited about learning God’s truth. I read the Bible voraciously in those first few years, soaking up the wisdom and insight it had to offer. However, I had a major hurdle it would take me an entire year to overcome.

I read the gospels…but when it came to the end of Jesus’s life, I refused to read the parts of the gospel that described His crucifixion. It was an absurdity to me. Why would a man as powerful as Jesus allow Himself to become the victim of such a humiliating death?

The cross simply did not make sense. In the gospels, we meet a Jesus who walked on water. There were moments when His face shone brighter than the sun. He subdued gale-force winds with just His words. He defied physics by multiplying matter with the fishes and the loaves. He opened blind eyes, healed the sick, and cast out demons and all manner of insanity. He walked through angry—often violent—crowds without being harmed. He taught as no man had before, yet the gospel said He let Himself bleed and die.

It’s clear that the humility of Jesus was from another world. It was from another dimension. A human author would not write this ending for the hero of the story. We’d probably end it, “He was caught up into heaven and a whole bunch of angels appeared, and then the army came down and slew them all.” But Jesus humbly accepted crucifixion. He willingly gave up His life.

Because of this supernatural humility, you and I were brought close to God, never to be separated again. We have a way into the Father’s kingdom through His Son. Today, I’m so thankful for the reality of the cross, because I see it in a totally different light now. His sacrifice was our redemption. And if He can humble Himself to death in obedience, then so must I. So must we.

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