A Man & His Soup

A Man & His Soup

God gives us freewill, but the Bible warns us that not all things that are permissible are good for us!

The decisions we make, good or bad, have lasting effects and though circumstances may be temporary, the consequences of those choices can be eternal.

Today, I want to encourage you to not sacrifice long-term gain for short-term gratification.

Remember the Bible story of Jacob and Esau, where Esau sold his birthright over a bowl of red stew? While Esau felt that the stew was an immediate need, if he’d just waited a bit longer, perhaps something else would have come along for him to eat. Instead, Esau took the easier way out; he chose his flesh over his heart. In that moment, he lost much more than he gained!

Have you been there? What’s your red stew? What have you become so hungry for that it outweighs your conscience? What’s that thing you’re willing to walk away from God over?

People often exaggerate why they gave up on God when the real reason is that they had a hunger in their heart that was greater than their hunger for God.

The birthright was significant, because God planned to bless generations of Abraham’s descendants through it. Through this bloodline, the world was going to be transformed. Esau was willing to give up his special position in God’s Kingdom for a bowl of soup because he didn’t value his birthright.

Jacob understood the value, but used manipulation for his own gain. Both were wrong, but when we don’t value God’s promises or take lightly, the sin in our lives, we fall prey to the enemy’s trickery.

Esau didn’t realize the permanency of the consequences of his decision until his father told him that he could not give him back the birthright. He was sorrowful, but his inheritance was gone!

What are you giving up your eternal inheritance for?

I want you to remember that all sin has its pleasure for a season, but seasons don’t last forever. If we continue to respond to our non-permanent circumstances with permanent solutions, we will end up like Esau, satisfying our flesh and losing out on our long-term reward.

Friends, please choose wisely, because whatever decisions you make today could have eternal consequences.

Make sure every choice you make has been prayed over, carefully thought out, and given to God for the best possible outcome in your life.

It will make all the difference in the world!

Live Big!

Dr. Derek Grier

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