A Little Girl and the General

A Little Girl and the General

Looking for a way to enhance your relationships at home, at work, and with loved ones?

Some people are relationship-oriented people; some are achievement people; some are power people… but if you want to succeed in life, determine people’s priorities, and connect to them through how they function. When you enter into a friendship, it’s no longer about you. It’s about the one you’re trying to connect with.

When you focus on the other person, and they focus on you, both your needs will be met.

Take, for instance, Namaan and the community around him.

The Bible says in 2 Kings 5 that Namaan was a great man and a great soldier. But God’s Word praises Namaan’s character before his acts of valor on the battlefield. Why is that? He found a way to connect to people.

Namaan knew that personal chemistry matters a whole lot in life. His relationship with the king was mentioned before his hard skills… soft skills come before hard skills. Becoming competent in an area is great, but unless you learn to connect with people, you’ll never grow in your role.

How can you connect to people in your life?

Now, what’s fascinating is that Namaan was a leper. He had leprosy. Back then, people would consider that as a handicap, an unclean person, and cast him or her out of society, forever. Lepers were seen as cursed, afflicted with God’s wrath. However, Namaan was accepted and even revered in society by his master, the king!

Why? Because Namaan’s connection to his community was so powerful, and so deep, that people saw around his handicap, his disease, and welcomed him. Namaan was a professional at loving and accepting people and, therefore, was a recipient of his own actions.

We see this love and reverence through the story of Namaan and his wife’s slave girl.

Usually slaves were not close with their masters, and yet, the girl working for Namaan’s wife was close enough to share with him how to be healed! She cared about her master, which tells us that he treated her with respect, no matter her station in life.

I want to encourage you to read the story in 2 Kings 5, and reflect on how Namaan reacted and responded to the people around him.

We could all learn a lesson from Namaan in that we’ve got to be approachable and loving, no matter what our circumstances are. It’s not about how comfortable we are, but about how comfortable we make others feel. When we listen to others, and watch them in order to learn about them and receive a connection with them, that enables us to give to them, abundantly in God’s love!

And be a recipient of that love in return!

Living In Grace and Peace,

Dr. Derek Grier

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