A God-Dream Will Scare You

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A God-Dream Will Scare You

In Genesis, we find the story Abraham and Sarah waiting for their promised son. In God’s calling for this couple, we see several key truths about God’s callings for our lives. When God gives us a dream, the following will be true:  

1. A God-Dream Will Scare You.

Abraham and Sarah were well past the age of child-bearing. It was clear that they couldn’t realize the dream of a son—much less a multitude of descendants—on their own. When God gives us a dream, by design, it will require us to ask for His help. God does the impossible as His signature!

2. A God-Dream Keeps Bugging You.

No matter how much time passed, or how impossible it seemed, God kept reminding the couple of His promise to them. Abram’s name changed to Abraham—“father of multitudes.” One year before Isaac was born, God visited the couple to tell them, again, that the time was coming. God’s dream for you won’t disappear—it will persist in your life, and He will keep reminding you of His plan. 

3. A God-Dream Will Cost You Everything. 

Abraham and Sarah were called to leave their family and homeland. They were called to surrender all to God, trusting Him to preserve them and bring about His promise. Likewise, God will ask us to surrender everything to Him. We can’t keep parts of our lives to ourselves—God asks for all of us.

When God gives us a dream, we often won’t have all the details. That’s why surrender, and faith in Him, is so important. Abraham and Sarah weren’t perfect, but they believed God’s promise to them for decades, until they held their son in their arms. Rest assured that our God is faithful and trustworthy! Dreams take time; but surrendering to Him is so worth the wait! 

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