A Father’s Compassion

We always have something to be thankful about

Do you recognize God’s amazing grace in your life? Oftentimes, we lose sight of the grace of God amidst our day-to-day life. We forget that we have everything to be excited and thankful about! We forget that the trials that life brings day to day actually are nothing in comparison to the goodness and graciousness of our Father!

When we fear God, we establish Him as the #1 priority in our lives. We esteem Him as the most important. When we focus on Him, dwell on Him, and grow in our relationship with Him, things in our life start to change! When we start to rely on our Father for our needs instead of ourselves or those around us, He provides!

We cannot let the trials and storms that life inevitably will bring turn us away from God. We must remain focused on Him, His promises, and what He has already done in us and through us. When we do this, the adversities of life won’t phase us – God will protect, comfort, and provide according to His perfect plan! Psalm 103:13 (written by David) describes it well:

“As a father pities his children,
So the Lord pities those who fear Him.”

We must come to fear the Lord if we want to be under His provision and protection. We must make Him the centerpiece of our lives – focus on Him and trust in Him in all we do. We must live according to His guidance and strive to keep Him as the sole priority in our lives. And, we must remember the amazing grace of our Father – we always have something to be thankful about!


Live Big!

Dr. Derek Grier

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