What does it mean to live under an open window of Heaven?  Genesis chapter 28 tells of the dream Jacob had of a ladder that ascended into Heaven and the angels that were coming and going.  When he awoke, he made a monument to commemorate his experience with God.  But that wasn’t all.

Jacob knew he had a divine encounter with God and knew that the time to seek Him was when He is near.  He makes a vow in that moment that if God will remain with him and keep him safe he would offer a tithe of his possessions.  It’s important to understand that at this point Jacob was fearful of his older brother who he had swindled out of his birthright.  He had no one to turn to and found himself alone.  In this moment of God’s presence, Jacob invites God to be his backup and to protect him going forward.  The vow is sealed as Jacob offers his sacrifice.  He worships emotionally and mentally, but Jacob insisted on worshiping God practically also.

As believers, we are living under an open window of Heaven.  Because of Jesus, we are in position to receive all of the blessings we could ever need to live life to the fullest.  Just like Jacob, we don’t tithe because we HAVE to.  We tithe because we GET to.  We are tapping into a covenant of blessing that’s been passed down through a thousand generations.  Just like Jacob, we have the opportunity to acknowledge what God has done for us.  Because of Jesus, we have an open access to Heaven.  So, when we respond to God’s goodness and grace, we’re not doing it out of routine or out of obligation.  We celebrate the opportunity we have to make God our partner.  As we freely release what we have in our hands, God releases all of the blessings, favor, and provision He has in His.  The tithe is our opportunity to reaffirm our covenant relationship with God and because of that it is special.  The tithe isn’t a burden.  It’s our joy to welcome God into our homes, our relationships, our businesses, and yes, even our finances.

The miracle of Jacob’s story isn’t that he had an experience with God.  It’s that when he responds to God in worship and makes his vow, God says YES! He’s the same covenant keeping God today!  Just as he blessed Jacob exceedingly, we have the hope of a better covenant sealed by Jesus.  How much more can we expect our Heavenly Father to release His blessing in our lives when we honor Him?  This is about so much more than just money.

If you’ve ever wanted to know more about how to use your finances biblically, I encourage you to get my latest teaching series, “Inside Information.”  There’s no hype, no guilt, and no manipulation.  It’s about understanding that God wants us to be whole in every area of our lives.  This is one area that people struggle in privately, but don’t like to talk about openly and honestly.  In this series, I’ll walk you through the practical and the biblical in order to get a well-rounded understanding of how we can use our finances and our resources in a way that honors God best.

Embrace your divine opportunity today and bring God into your life and experience His goodness and grace in every facet of your life.

God bless you!

Living in Grace and Peace,
Bishop Derek Grier

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