9 Things to Help You Speak Like Jesus

9 Things to Help You Speak Like Jesus

Are you fervent in your prayer life and truly believe that God will move in your situation?

In Mark 11, Jesus was walking through Jerusalem searching for figs to eat when He encountered a fig tree that was barren. Jesus immediately cursed the tree and commanded that no one else should eat from it because the tree advertised something it didn’t have. Not only did Jesus speak directly to the fig tree, but He also used a loud enough tone for the disciples around him to hear what He was saying.

When Jesus cursed the tree, it began to wither away at the roots and was dead by the next day. When we stand firmly in our faith and speak directly to the problem with full power and authority, we get to the root of the problems in our life.

Standing firm in your faith and speaking God’s Word to your issue with a spirit of expectancy, will release deliverance in your life. You may not notice an instant change, but your problems will slowly begin to wither away at the root, similar to the fig tree when it was cursed by Jesus.

If you’re ready to be set free and experience a supernatural shift in your life, I invite you to get a copy of my teaching titled, “9 Things to Help You Speak Like Jesus.” You will discover how to speak directly to your problems and use specificity in your prayers so God can move mountains in your life. You will also learn how feeding your faith and starving your doubts paves the way for God’s perfect will to be manifested in your life.

Leave your fears behind, step into your God-given authority and watch your life transform before your eyes.

Living In Grace and Peace,

Dr. Derek Grier

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